Motivation and objectives and Relevance to the ITS community.

Many cities in Europe and world-wide are witnessing an increasing interest in shared and multi-modal mobility services using modes such as carsharing, bikes, ride-hailing, e-scooters facilitated by the emergence of intermediary mobility on-demand platforms. Mobility services accessible ‘on demand’ can be achieved by an integrated Multimodal Intelligent Transport System (M-ITS) incorporating both motorised and non-motorised transport as well as private and public systems through the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Such services usually need to communicate with multiple moving entities within an environment, work with data that have privacy considerations and need to offer services with low latency requirements. To address the challenges imposed by fast movement of entities, data privacy and low latency requirement, M-ITS can benefit from lowlatency communication and computation provided by the edge networks by placing services closer to where relevant data is generated. This workshop will be looking at various challenges in this domain, when centralised, cloud-based services are moved to the network edge in potential use cases. The topics of interest in this workshop include but not limited to:

Topics of Interest:

  • Decision-making at the Edge of the network
  • Multi-modal transport service placement at the Edge
  • Service Orchestration and composition
  • Decentralised Machine learning
  • Data sharing, representation and fusion

Dates and Location

Paper Submission Deadline: 15th May 2023

Date : 24th September, 2023 – 28th September, 2023

Location : Bilbao, Spain


Dr Fatemeh Golpayegani

University College Dublin

Dr Shen Wang

University College Dublin

Dr Eric Gyamfi

University College Dublin